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Qognify Launches South Africa Qognify VMS – Revolutionizing Video Management Software

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Qognify proudly introduces its groundbreaking video management software (VMS) – Qognify VMS. Designed to cater to the specific physical security needs of organizations worldwide, this next-generation VMS is poised to redefine the landscape of video surveillance. Drawing on the rock-solid foundation of Qognify’s successful video management software Cayuga, which has been employed in thousands of security projects across the globe, Qognify VMS boasts a myriad of features and capabilities that set it apart as a game-changer in the industry.

Unparalleled Flexibility in Deployment Options

In today’s ever-evolving security landscape, organizations are presented with diverse choices in terms of data storage and system deployment. Some prefer the traditional on-premises approach, safeguarding sensitive data within their own infrastructure. Others, however, are embracing a corporate cloud-first strategy, even for their physical security applications. Recognizing the importance of flexibility in deployment, Qognify VMS offers a compelling solution by allowing customers to store video data in the cloud. This innovation not only minimizes hardware requirements but also ensures rapid scalability and harnesses the resilience of cloud technology.

Steve Shine, CEO of Qognify, elaborates on the company’s cloud strategy, stating, “While cloud-based physical security solutions have been gaining traction in small and medium-sized businesses, the adoption rate in enterprise organizations has been slower due to complex system environments and infrastructure demands. Nevertheless, the landscape is changing rapidly, with advancing technologies and improved network bandwidth. That’s why we’re proud to introduce Qognify VMS with advanced cloud storage capabilities. Furthermore, we are actively developing additional solutions to enable our customers to fully capitalize on the advantages of cloud technology in the near future.”

For organizations that opt for on-premises deployments, Qognify VMS offers a comprehensive range of turnkey hardware solutions. These purpose-built servers not only mitigate planning risks but also ensure optimal performance, expediting project rollouts and simplifying sourcing. Furthermore, each unit comes with a robust five-year warranty, safeguarding your investment for years to come.

Empowering Physical Security Strategies

Qognify VMS goes beyond standard video management by enhancing physical security strategies. A key element of this enhancement is its robust bi-directional integrations with various solutions, including access control, intrusion detection, and video analytics. However, according to Shine, this is just the beginning. He notes, “Our goal is to further enhance the value for our customers by integrating our physical security and enterprise incident management applications more closely. This will lead to improved situational awareness and faster, more targeted responses.”

Compared to its predecessor, Cayuga, Qognify VMS boasts several significant improvements. One notable enhancement is the optimization of web technologies within the product. Carsten Eckstein, product owner of Qognify VMS, explains, “With our commitment to making Qognify VMS cloud-ready, the need for processing and displaying web-based content has grown substantially. As a result, we have thoroughly revamped various technologies, such as the built-in browser component, to provide an even more seamless user experience for future integrations.”

Tailored Product Packages for Different Needs

To cater to the specific requirements of different project profiles in the EMEA and APAC regions, Qognify VMS is available in three distinct product packages.

  • Qognify VMS Basic: Designed for smaller and less complex surveillance projects, this package offers an attractive pricing structure without compromising essential features.
  • Qognify VMS Advanced: Tailored for larger and more intricate projects, the Advanced package provides flexibility and scalability to meet complex surveillance demands.
  • Qognify VMS Infinity: Targeted at enterprises with comprehensive requirements, this package includes a wealth of features at no additional cost, ensuring it can meet the most demanding needs.


Qognify South Africa VMS is now available, marking a significant milestone in the world of video management software. For existing Qognify Cayuga customers with active Software Maintenance Agreements (SMA), the upgrade to Qognify VMS comes at no extra cost. This leap forward in video management software promises to redefine the way organizations approach physical security and surveillance. With its advanced capabilities, flexibility in deployment, and commitment to integration, Qognify VMS is poised to become a cornerstone in the arsenal of security professionals worldwide. Embrace the future of video management with Qognify VMS and unlock a new era of security excellence.

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