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Elevate Your Security with Gallagher’s Access Control Solutions

by Specialised Video Solutions (SVS) | South Africa

At SV Solutions (Gallagher Security Trusted Partner), we understand that safeguarding your business is paramount. Our comprehensive access control solutions empower you to take control of your security, mitigate risks, enhance operational efficiency, and boost your bottom line. In this article, we will delve into why choosing Gallagher’s access control solutions can be the key to ensuring the safety and continuity of your organization and how we can implement it for you.

Unparalleled Access Control Functionality

Gallagher’s access control solutions offer a myriad of powerful features designed to put you in command of your premises. Here’s how we make it happen:

1. Real-Time Access Monitoring

Gain full visibility into your premises by monitoring access points in real-time. Know who is on your site at all times, ensuring that unauthorized individuals are kept at bay.

2. Customized Access Permissions

Tailor access permissions effortlessly. Assign users or groups of users access to specific areas within your site, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access sensitive locations.

3. Robust Reporting Capabilities

Access detailed reports on access activities within your site. These reports are invaluable for auditing and time-keeping purposes, helping you maintain a clear record of who accessed your premises and when.

4. Emergency Action Plans

Prepare for the unexpected with our emergency action plans. In the event of a crisis, you can trigger lockdowns and send alerts swiftly, ensuring the safety of everyone on your premises.

5. Smart Resource Management

Optimize resource utilization by controlling outputs such as lighting and air conditioning after hours. Customize settings based on who is on-site, reducing energy wastage and operational costs.

6. Seamless Integration

Our solutions seamlessly integrate with your existing HR systems. This means that user information is automatically synchronized, saving you time and eliminating the risk of data discrepancies.

7. Expand Your Possibilities

Take your security to the next level by integrating with third-party access control solutions. This includes wireless locks, wireless sensors, biometric readers, and more, providing you with unparalleled flexibility and functionality.

Why choose Gallagher Access Control by SV Solutions?

Our solutions offer a range of powerful access control functionality to help you minimize risk, improve business efficiencies and ensure organizational continuity:

✔  Monitor access points to know who is on your site at all times

✔  Assign users, or groups of users, access to specific areas within your site

✔  Generate reports for access activity on your site for auditing or time-keeping purposes

✔  Trigger emergency action plans, including lockdowns and sending of alerts

✔  Control outputs, such as lighting and air conditioning, after hours based on who is on site

✔  Integrate with existing HR systems to automatically pass through user information

✔  Integrate with third-party access control solutions for even greater flexibility, including wireless locks, wireless sensors, biometric readers and more

Understanding the Mechanism of Access Control Systems

Access control systems are the backbone of modern security, ensuring that only authorized individuals gain entry to specific areas. These systems operate through a well-coordinated interplay of two key components: hardware and software.

The Hardware Component

At the core of any access control system lies its hardware. This encompasses the tangible elements that physically interact with users. The essential hardware components include:

  1. Access Cards: These are the keys to the kingdom. Access cards, often carried by users, contain encoded information that determines their level of access.

  2. Controllers: The gatekeepers of access control, controllers are responsible for processing the data from access cards and making critical decisions.

  3. Readers: Readers are the bridge between the physical world and the digital realm. When a user presents their access card or mobile credential, the reader captures this information.

The Software Component

The brain behind the operation is the software. This digital infrastructure is where access permissions are defined and managed. Here’s how it works:

  1. Credential Assignment: In the software, administrators assign credentials to individuals. These credentials grant access to specific areas based on predefined rules.

  2. User Authentication: When a user approaches a secured area and presents their access card or mobile credential to the reader, the system springs into action. The reader sends this information to the controller.

  3. Verification Process: The controller takes on the role of a digital detective. It examines the presented credential and verifies it against the predefined access rules stored in the software.

  4. Access Decision: If the credential matches the authorized criteria, the controller gives the green light. It then sends a signal to the door lock, instructing it to gracefully swing open, allowing access to the authorized individual.

In essence, access control systems are a harmonious symphony of hardware and software, working seamlessly to ensure that only those with the proper credentials can enter protected areas. This technology not only safeguards physical spaces but also provides peace of mind, knowing that security is in capable hands.

So, the next time you present your access card, remember that behind the scenes, a meticulously orchestrated process is unfolding to grant you the access you need, securely and efficiently.


In a world where security breaches can have far-reaching consequences, Gallagher Security’s access control solutions empower you to stay ahead of potential threats. Our commitment to innovation and reliability ensures that your organization can thrive with confidence, knowing that your security is in capable hands.

Elevate your security, control risk, and drive operational efficiency with Gallagher’s access control solutions. Your path to enhanced profitability starts here.

Contact Specialized Video Solutions in Southern Africa today to explore how Gallagher Security can be your trusted partner in securing your business.

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