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Stay Ahead of Evolving Crime with SV Solutions (SVS), Easy and Effective IP Surveillance Solutions.

The world of banking is changing rapidly. Criminals are continuously devising new and cleverer ways to conduct their crimes, while financial institutions face increasing demands for cost-efficiency and compliance in their day-to-day operations. 

Discover comprehensive IP surveillance solutions for banking and finance in Zambia with SV Solutions (SVS), the authorized service provider for Axis Solutions. Stay ahead of crime, improve operational efficiency, and enhance customer experience with advanced security technologies tailored for financial institutions.. Among these challenges, ATM crimes are on the rise, necessitating advanced surveillance solutions that deter criminals, prevent crime, and aid in identification if the worst occurs.

Leading the Way in Network Video Surveillance

Axis, a global leader in network video surveillance, offers a comprehensive range of IP surveillance solutions tailored for the banking and finance sectors in Zambia. Our solutions meet new security challenges and deliver exceptional HDTV image quality while complying with corporate and government regulations to ensure the safety and security of staff and customers. With Axis, you can stay ahead of evolving crime and make banking safer today and tomorrow.

Expertise in Network Video Solutions

With extensive experience in network video solutions, Axis drives the transition from analog to digital surveillance. IP surveillance is our core focus, and we understand the challenges, security issues, and possibilities of incorporating network video into the banking world.

Partnering for a Future-Proof System

Axis solutions provide an open and flexible platform that can be integrated into existing analog equipment and CCTV installations step by step as needed. Our open system allows for the addition of functionality later on, from encoders and cameras to proactive security measures and video intelligence. Our complete product portfolio for banking has made us the preferred supplier of security cameras for major banks. As a global company, we pride ourselves on local presence and support, continuous work on corporate social responsibility, increased sustainability, and reduced environmental impact.

Refine Forensic Results

Axis cameras offer crystal-clear HDTV quality images, allowing you to see details and identify people quickly. Our range includes cameras for difficult lighting conditions and near-complete darkness, ensuring the best image quality possible. Centralized management of video surveillance with Axis cameras makes images easily accessible and quickly deliverable to the police.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Integrate Axis surveillance solutions with alarm and access control systems for a complete and efficient security platform. With remote access and centralized management, alarms can be visually verified, avoiding unnecessary call-outs and reducing false alarm costs.

Fight Crime Proactively

Axis cameras come equipped with smart capabilities such as video motion detection, audio detection, and anti-tampering alarms, along with installable applications like cross-line detection. When triggered, these features set off alerts in centralized monitoring rooms or smartphones, enabling immediate action. Axis cameras can also be fitted with video intelligence for license plate recognition, face recognition, and loitering detection, aiding both prevention and investigation.

Enhance the Customer Experience

Through collaboration with our software partners, Axis offers intelligent video applications, including people counting, queue management, and VIP customer identification. These features help manage busy hours and optimize the number of open tills, enhancing the customer experience at your branch.

Complete Offer for Banking Situations

Axis provides a comprehensive range of products designed to deter criminals and deliver excellent image quality from cameras placed in branch offices, ATMs, and corporate financial buildings. Our solutions improve safety for customers and employees, ensuring the capture of necessary images.

Branch Offices: Every Angle and Corner Covered

Cover every angle in a branch office, from overviews of waiting areas and ATM vestibules to close-up face images at entrances and exits. Axis offers wide dynamic range (WDR) cameras that adapt to changing lighting conditions, delivering clear HDTV images even in challenging environments. For branches using analog CCTV installations, Axis solutions facilitate centralized systems with remote access, enabling easy extraction of images and live monitoring integration with alarm systems.

ATMs: Concealed Installations Catch the Criminal

With the increasing number of ATMs and growing cash volumes, ATM crimes such as card skimming, transaction reversal fraud, and vandalism are rising. Axis offers built-in and external cameras, including covert pinhole HDTV cameras, to provide close-up face images for identification. Footage can be recorded and stored cost-effectively using built-in SD cards or standard NAS.

Corporate Buildings: Efficient Solutions for All Lighting Conditions

Axis provides efficient building surveillance solutions for both indoor and outdoor areas, covering receptions, corridors, parking lots, and perimeters. Our Lightfinder technology ensures excellent color images in poorly lit conditions, suitable for areas like dark corridors and rooms with low light.

Case Study: Banco do Nordeste Modernizes CCTV with Axis Network Cameras

Organization: Banco do Nordeste do Brasil S.A.
Location: Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil
Industry Segment: Banking and Finance
Application: Safety and Security
Axis Partners: Anixter, Digifort, Imagem Segurança

Banco do Nordeste do Brasil (BNB), the largest regional development bank in Latin America, upgraded from an analog CCTV system to Axis network cameras to address quality concerns and ensure robust security.

BNB acquired and installed Axis network cameras through integrator Imagem Segurança, with distributor Anixter facilitating delivery. The deployment included various Axis cameras, video encoders, and integration with Digifort Enterprise software.

The new system provided gains in image quality, ease of installation, and long-term utility, enhancing the bank’s control over access points and improving security management.

Proactive Prevention and Timely Resolution for Any Security Incident

Mega International Commercial Bank in Taipei, Taiwan, implemented Axis network cameras to fortify security, eliminate blind spots, and ensure proactive deterrence. The deployment of AXIS M1031-W Network Cameras with two-way audio communication and integrated infrared sensors allows precise monitoring with minimal manpower, ensuring immediate resolution of security issues.


With Axis network video solutions and the support of SV Solutions (SVS) in Zambia, financial institutions can achieve unparalleled security and operational efficiency. Our advanced technologies and comprehensive support ensure that you stay ahead of evolving crime, protect your assets, and enhance customer experiences. Contact us for more information on how Axis can help secure your banking operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes SV Solutions a leader in the security industry?

SV Solutions (SVS) stands at the forefront of the security industry with its cutting-edge video surveillance and IP networking solutions. Our commitment to innovation, exceptional quality, continuous improvement, and unwavering customer satisfaction has solidified our leadership position. Partnering with Axis Communications, we deliver state-of-the-art security solutions tailored for the banking and finance sectors in Zambia.

How do SV Solutions’ network cameras enhance security?

Our network cameras provide unparalleled imaging quality, reliability, and scalability. Designed to cover every angle, they ensure comprehensive surveillance for diverse applications, including banking, retail, industrial settings, and more. With features like HDTV image clarity and advanced analytics, our cameras are essential tools in preventing crime and enhancing operational efficiency.

What is the AXIS Optimizer, and how does it benefit users?

AXIS Optimizer is a comprehensive suite of plugins and integrations designed to optimize the performance of Axis devices within Milestone XProtect® video management systems. This tool simplifies system design, installation, and daily operations, significantly enhancing efficiency and reducing operational costs. It ensures seamless integration and maximizes the capabilities of Axis surveillance solutions.

How does SV Solutions support its channel partners?

SV Solutions offers extensive support and resources to our channel partners. This includes comprehensive training programs, detailed marketing materials, and round-the-clock technical assistance. We regularly conduct surveys to gather feedback, ensuring our services continually evolve to meet the needs of our partners and deliver the highest standards of support.

What are the key features of the multipurpose dome camera?

The multipurpose dome camera by Axis features high-definition video, two-way audio communication, actionable analytics, and LED indicators. These capabilities make it ideal for various applications, including healthcare, retail, public spaces, and especially for high-security environments like banking and finance. Its robust design ensures durability and reliability in all conditions.

How does SV Solutions help financial institutions stay ahead of evolving crime?

SV Solutions provides advanced IP surveillance solutions that are specifically designed to address the unique challenges of the banking and finance sectors. Our cameras offer features like face and license plate recognition, video motion detection, and anti-tampering alarms. These technologies enable proactive crime prevention and swift identification of suspects, ensuring that financial institutions remain secure and compliant with regulatory standards.

Can SV Solutions’ surveillance systems be integrated with existing security infrastructure?

Yes, SV Solutions’ surveillance systems are designed for seamless integration with existing security infrastructure. Whether transitioning from analog to digital systems or enhancing current IP-based setups, our solutions ensure compatibility and ease of integration. This flexibility allows financial institutions to upgrade their security systems without significant disruptions.

How does SV Solutions enhance the customer experience in banking?

By leveraging intelligent video applications, SV Solutions helps banks enhance customer experience. Features such as people counting, queue management, and VIP customer identification enable banks to optimize service delivery during peak hours. This proactive approach ensures a more efficient and pleasant banking experience for customers.

What sustainability practices does SV Solutions follow?

SV Solutions is committed to corporate social responsibility and sustainability. We continuously work to reduce our environmental impact through eco-friendly practices and sustainable product designs. Our local presence in Zambia ensures we support the community and contribute to the local economy while maintaining global standards of excellence.

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